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Address: Pension "Gawra"
St. Generala Polecha 2
17-230 Bialowieza
places available: 70
Booking on-line: online reservations

Since 1998 we have a great pleasure to host tourists from homeland and overseas in Gawra which is still extend. As the only owner of this type of boarding house we come from Bialowieza primeval forest. We will help you to show their colour of culture and their traditional taste. We are educated foresters so we try that our guests get to know the best the unique atmosphere of the natural forest.

  • 13 rooms in the new part, double and three-person
  • 6 rooms in the older part, double and four-person;
  • 2 chimney halls, small – 25 p..; big – 50 p.
  • Secure and charge-free parking lot.

The hostel can accommodate up to 50 people.

At the reception we speak in: English, German and Polish.

You can find here:

  • exceptional atmosphere of wooden house building,
  • spaciousness of hunters’ chambers,
  • décor of rooms and chimney halls,
  • exclusive furniture carved from wood by local craftsmen,
  • in the rooms: bathrooms, TV, wireless Internet, one special room with its own chimney.

In GAWRA manor you can find:

  • 9 apartments, double- and three-person, including 4 rooms with chimneys
  • conference room with 30 sitting places,
  • charge-free car lot.

Rooms are furnished with high-standard wooden furniture.

Every room has its own, custom and unique décor.
In room you can find bathrooms, TV SAT, a fridge.

GAWRA /the new part/

13 rooms in the new part; double and three-person

single room – 100 zl,
double room – 130 zl,
three-person room – 150 zl.

GAWRA /the older part/

6 rooms in the older part; double and four-person;

double room – 90 zl,
four-person room – 150 zl.

GAWRA manor

9 apartments, double- and three-person, including 4 rooms with chimneys

Double apartment – 180 zl,
Three-person apartment – 190 zl.

Fee for a neat dog: 20 zl.
Breakfast: 18zl, lunch: from 25 zl.

We grant discounts for long stays. Group prices are negotiable.