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Bicycle trips from the northern part of the Bialowieza Forest /7 days/

We offer an active way of spending a week in the Bialowieza Forest. We suggest accomodation in the northern part of the Bialowieza Forest in the guesthouse “Bialowieskie Ustronie”. Its location makes it a perfect base for many bicycle trips to different parts of the Bialowieza Forest. Alternatively we recommend you accomodation in the agritourism farmhouse “Bobrowa Zagroda” in Siemianowka by the artificial lake Siemianowka. You can rent bicycles in both places. Here is the general programme of the holidays.

A weekly stay in the guesthouse “Bialowieskie Ustronie” in Janowo near Narewka:

Studio type rooms are at your disposal. One studio consists of 2 rooms, one bathroom and a small hall. The guest house is situated 1 km from the village of Narewka, in the close neighbourhood of the Bialowieza Forest and the Narewka River. Traditional meals are served in this place. There is a bonfire place for barbecue or a bonfire- night- feast.

1st day

Arrival at Janowo near Narewka, registration, bike rental, visiting of the surrounding area:

  • the Park in Gruszki ( sundial, nature clock, stone circle, hollow in a tree where bees live, the European Union alley, educational boards, the exposition of items connectied with nature in the Forestry Comission building)
  • Jewish cemetery
  • St. John Orthodox Church in Narewka


2nd day

Breakfast. Bicycle trip to Hajnowka or transport of people and bikes to this city. The programme encompasses:

  • ride on a narrow-gauge train from Hajnowka to Topilo
  • visiting Topilo (forest ponds, a small open-air museum of a narrow-gauge train, forest chapel)
  • bicycle tour from Topilo to Bialowieza through the Bialowieza Forest
  • a touring trip around Bialowieza Glade ( wooden architecture of Bialowieza, St. Teresa Church, Dyrekcyjny Park, the Narewka Valley, the Tsar`s railway station)

Lunch in Bialowieza

  • the Palace Park – organised according to the Tsar`s plan in an English style
  • the Museum of Nature and Forest – modern multimedia presentation of fauna and flora of the Bialowieza Forest
  • entrance to the observation tower and temporary exposition in the Museum of Nature
  • St. Nikolaus Orthodox Church with porcelain iconostasis
  • return trip to Janowo on the Narewkowska Road

Barbecue at the bonfire place

3rd day

Breakfast. Bicycle tour to many places:

  • to Bondary at the artificial lake through Narewka and Lewkowo Stare
  • to the dam and the beach in Bondary
  • to the beach in Stary Dwor (there is a possibility of renting a canoe and ordering a ship cruise on the lake)
  • to Siemianowka (St. Georg Orthodox Church)
  • visit in “Bobrowa Zagroda” in Siemianowka, traditional, regional meal
  • observation tower in Maruszka
  • return trip through educational path PTOP through Gruszki to Janowo
Arrival at the accomodation place. Dinner.


4th day

Breakfast. Bicycle tour which includes visiting these places:

  • observation tower in Kosy Most, panorama of the Narewka River Valley, beavers lodges, bisons feeding place
  • the wildest fragments of the Bialowieza Forest in Stricly Protected Area “Hwozna” /the Wolves Trail, the Capercaillie Reserve/
  • Masiewo- wooden architecture, narrow-gauge open-air museum /there is a possibility of riding on horseback/
  • St. Eustace chapel carved in oak tree
  • old oaks stands in “Dworny Gradek”
  • Park in Gruszki


5th day

Breakfast, dry provision for a trip. Bicycle tour:

  • on the Narewkowska road to the Old Bialowieza
  • Royal Oaks and Lithuanian Princes Trail– the trail consists of a several-hundred-year old oaks named after Polish kings hunting in the Bialowieza Forest
  • The European Bison Show Reserve  / tarpans, bisons, zubrons-hybrid of a bison and domestic cattle, wolves, deer and boars/
  • a picturesque corner in the Bialowieza Forest called Zwierzyniec /bison`s monument, forester`s lodge/

Lunch in Sioło Budy, visiting of an open-air etnographic museum

  • return trip through the Bialowieza Forest to Swinoroje
  • educational path “Under the Oaks” in Swinoroje

Return trip to Janowo, dinner

6th day

Breakfast, realisation of the following programme:

  • canoeing on the Narewka River from Narewka to Lewkowo Stare
  • bicycle trip from Lewkowo Stare to the Waliczowka Valley, beavers lodges, observation of the woodpeckers
  • return trip through the picturesque Narewka Valley to Janowo


7th day

Breakfast, checking out, departure to Bialowieza

  • walking tour with a tour guide to the Strict Reserve-visiting the primeval forest where there has been no human intervention for hundred of years

Dinner in Bialowieza, departure

Services included: 6 nights in the guest house, 6 breakfasts, 4 dinners, 2 lunches in Bialowieza, one lunch in the “Osoczniki” Inn in Budy, barbecue, dinner, traditional meal in Siemianowka, bike rental, canoe rental, transport of bicycles and canoes to Lewkowo, a tour guide in the Strict Reserve

The order and the range of services may be modified due to tourists` expectations.