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Canoeing, rafting, taking a ship course or flat-bottomed river boat “Pychowka” on the rivers of Podlaskie Voivodeship

During your stay in the Bialowieza Forest we offer to visit the most spectacular places in the region. We provide car transport with a driver, local tour guide services, canoeing and lunch.

Date to be arranged: From April to October

SWPA: Trip to Polish Amazonia
Polish Amazonia – this is how The River Narew is often called on its section between Suraz and Rzedziany. On this section the river is full of branches and old river beds. There are reeds growing in the river valley.

Duration of the trip: approximately 10 hours
We need to get to Sliwno in the Narwianski National Park in our own cars. We cover the route from Sliwno to Waniewo with a tour guide on foot. We need to cross the footbridge, which  lenght amounts 1050 metres and leads through the swamps. River channels are to be overcome with the help of the special, swimming piers.The car with a driver waits for us in Waniewo where we set out for the registered office of the Narwianski National Park. We visit the historic manor house and the educational footbridge. After that we set out on a tour and take a flat-bottomed river boat called “Pychowka” on the River Narew. Another option is canoeing on the 10-km route around Kurowo. During the trip the most spectacular places of the park are admired. We also offer to visit the European Stork Village -  Pentowo and the marvellous village in Podlaskie Voivodeship with its baroque architecture – Tykocin . Lunch in Tykocin.

SWBU. Trip with a ship course, rafting, canoeing on the Bug River
Bug – left tributary of the Narew River; picturesque river with wide river channel, lots of islands and sandy shoals. Its banks are often high and steep. Along the river you can often encounter bunkers – ruins of the system of the fortifications called “Molotov Line”.

Duration of the trip: approxinately 8-9 hours
We drive by cars to Serpelice by the Bug River. During the trip we visit the most significant sanctuary for Russian Orthodox Church followers which is situated on the Grabarka hill. We climb the hill full of crosses, over which the Orthodox Curch of Transfiguration towers. We visit the church and scoop the water with miraculous properties from the spring and set out to Serpelice.
Depanding on which option you choose, you can either choose to go canoeing or rafting on the route leading to Mielnik. A driver with a car waits for you in Mielnik. After that there is an opportunity to take an one-hour ship course on the Bug river. After lunch in Mielnik we go to the top of the “Castle Hill”, from which the Bug Valley can be admired. Next we set out for sacred site called “Koterka”, where the Mother of God revealed herself. On the scenic forest clearing we see the wooden, historic Orthodox Church. Then we go to the Tokary Village, which was divided by the border. At the end we come back to our places of accomodation.

SWBB Tour to Biebrza Swamps
Biebrza – attractive place especially for nature admirers; one may encounter here many species of water- and marshbirds. Here occurs rich flora and fauna characteristic for water- and marshlands.

Duration of the trip: approximately 10 hours
We drive by car to Osowiec. Depanding on your expactations, a tour guide in Osowiec introduces values of the Biebrza Swamps. We propose walking tour, canoeing or taking a flat – bottomed river boat called “Pychowka”. During the trip lunch in the hotel restaurant or agritourism farm.

For canoeing fans we offer organisation of  few-day canoeing trips on the Podlaskie rivers: Narew, Bug, Biebrza, Czarna Hancza, Rospuda