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Address: Bierozka
Hołota Mariola
ul. Krzyże 7
17-230 Białowieża
Phone: Mobile +48 511 484 245
Number of seats: 24

Bierozka lodgings are situated on a large estate at the entry to Białowieża located in the heart of the Białowieża Forest. For our guests we have 24 accommodation places in two and four-person rooms with bathrooms, TV and with a possibility of adding an additional bed. We also have a spacious fire living room. There is also a possibility of buying food.

We offer:

  • musical evenings  at the grill or by the fire with a folk musician
  • rides on britzskas or sleighs
  • touring the Białowieża Forest with a guide
  • regional products
  • roasted venison, game and pork meat
  • bicycle trips
  • parking spaces

List of prices: