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Nature tours (one-day trips)

The Bialowieza Forest Region is an interesting area, which includes one of the most precious forest complex in Europe – The Bialowieza Forest. It is a last natural, lowland forest  and the kingdom of the biggest European mammal – wisent (European bison). In addition to the Biebrza Swamps the artificial lake Siemianówka is the biggest waterbird sanctuary and paradise for ornithologists. By taking advantage of the network of routes and our experienced tour guides you can go for bloodless hunting and reach the most enchanting places in the Bialowieza Forest, see the wolf in its natural environment, deer during the rutting season and observe the life of nature.

We present you a few offers which in our opinion are the most interesting and can bring closer the nature of the Bialowieza Forest. Depending on your demands, we provide a tour guide with general knowledge, a specialist (for example an ornithologist) and a car with a driver.

WP1. A trip to the Strict Reserve
All seasons trip  
Duration of the trip: approximately 3 hours

We set out to the most protected area of the Bialowieza Forest. The Reserve can be visited by groups consisting of maximum 20 people, absolutely accompanied by a tour guide. The Reserve can be explored on foot or by horse cart on the selected routes. Its fauna and flora, which was subject to no human intervention, can be admired. Here the forest management is taken over by natural, regulating mechanisms; nature protects itself and human can only observe. In the reserve you can meet ancient trees as well as unique bird species such as black stork.


WP2 Discover Bialowieza
All seasons tour
Duration of the trip: approximately 5 hours

This trip enables to introduce the most attractive places in Bialowieza and its region and become aquainted with fauna and flora of the Bialowieza Forest.

During the trip we visit:

  • The Palace Park ( what remains from the park in the English style)
  • The Museum of Forest and Nature (modern multimedia presentation, temporary expositions, observation tower)
  • The European Bison Show Reserve ( here we get to know animals that live in pens and are  typical for the Białowieża Forest)
  • The Royal Oaks Trail ( trail leading among impressive 300-500 – year- old oaks named after kings of Poland
Transport from Bialowieza to the European Bison Show Reserve and the  Royal Oaks Trail by horse-drawn cart, in your own cars or by transport organised by travel agency.

WP3 Tour to The Place of Power
All seasons tour Duration of the trip: approximately 3 hours
In the Białowieża Forest there are places wrapped in mystery, full of legends and with emanating energy. These are called “The Places of Power”. We will try to visit these places and let you in on the secret. We begin the trip in the Palace Park where the place of Tsar`s former palace is a powerful source of energy. Then we go to a mysterious place in the forest – the former early medieval pagan temple. We know such places in other parts of the Bialowieska Forest. We set out on tour on foot or by bicycle.

WP4  Winter Animal Tracking - Wildlife Photography
Seasonal trip Duration of the tour: approximately 5 hours

Winter is a perfect season for tracking animals. Tracks of wolves, lynxes, boars, deer, roe deer, bisons and other animals are perfectly seen on the snow. We set out on a trip to the Bialowieza Forest with a licensed tour guide on foot, on skis or in a sleigh to the places where wild animals can be easily seen. By observing animals` tracks  we try to get to know as much as possible about their lives and capture images on the photos.

WP5 Night observation of owls and bats
Seasonal trip from the middle of February to the end of September
Duration of the trip: approximately 3 hours

WP6  Visit the beavers` house
Seasonal trip from spring to autumn.
Duration of the trip: approximately 4 hours

We set out on a trip at dawn or at twilight in order to look for beavers. By building dams beavers banked up the water and created overflow areas in many places of the Bialowieza Forest. We will visit one of such places, watch dams, lodges and observe the natural environment altered by these animals. Beavers are timid but we will try to capture their image with the help of the camera. This will be a difficult task. We take photographs from a distance of several dozen metres in case of the bad visibility.

WP7  Birds observation at the artificial lake Siemianowka
Seasonal trip from spring to autumn.
Duration of the tour without transport to Siemianowka: 3 hours

Equipped with binoculars and a telescope we set out for bird watching. The best time for realisation of the tour is dawn. 164 bird species including 112 breeding ones were found in the area of this body of water. You can watch here for instance: lapwings, waders, herons, bitterns, hen harriers, aquatic warblers, grebes, ospreys, cranes and half of the country`s population of the whiskered tern. In addition to Biebrza Swamps, the artificial lake area belongs to best bird observation places in Poland. The lake`s shores are sanctuaries of deer and moose and many other animals.

WP8 Deer mating in the Bialowieza Forest
Seasonal trip from the middle of September to the middle of October.
Duration of the trip: approximately 3 hours
Autumn is an extraordinary time when you can experience the mystery of nature – deer mating called rutting season. The Bialowieza Forest at night is full of sounds of deer fighting for leadership and extension of their species. During this trip you  can encounter bisons living in the wildlife, see and hear a tawny and many other fascinating animals. 

WP9  Around the Capercaillie Reserve
All seasons trip Duration of the trip without transport to Masiewo: 3 hours
The Capercaillie Reserve is a former capercaillie sanctuary. By moving on foot or by bicycle we will see the marks of ancient human`s presence: early mediaval burial mound, Gosciniec road – section of the mediaval trail, former evangelical cemetery and well preserved pine forests, peat bogs with rare plant species. On the trail we will encounter the open-air museum of a narrow-gauge railway. There are bisons` feeding places in this area.