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The Belarussian part of The Bialowieza Forest

For all people visiting The Bialowieza Forest Region we recommend discovering the Belarussian part of this forest. It is very beautiful, wild and with lots of attractions. The international tourist border crossing Bialowieza – Piererow has been working for more than a year. It is only open to pedestrians and cyclists.

Open hours of the border crossing:

From 1st October to 31st March  from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
From 1st April to 30th September from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

In case of coach trips/bus trips the border is crossed on foot and the drives in the Belarussian part  are done by the Belarussian means of transport. For all tours we provide travel agency representative and complex service on the Belarussian site (accomodation, meals, entrance tickets, tour guide service and all attractions). We recommend two accomodation places: Kamieniuki Hotel *** situated near the registered office of the Belarussian Bialowieza Forest National Park in the town of Kamieniuki and famous, elegant Wiskule Hotel *** located in the heart of The Bialowieza Forest ( in this place the USSR was dissolved by the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarussian leaders in 1991). The photographs of the hotels are presented below the text. The programme of the stay will be modified to the individual needs of the customer. Apart from that, we handle all formalities assosiated with obtaining the Belarussian tourist visa in the Consulate of the Republic of Belarus in Białystok much earlier.

To get tourist visa you need following documents:

  • passport
  • properly completed visa application with attached photo
  • accident insurance

Due to the fact that the whole procedure lasts a couple of days, the persons who would like to take part in the events described above are asked to send their passports and completed visa applications for a minimum of one week before the scheduled departure. A visa application is available on our website. We also offer our help in completing this application. Two insurances: which are necessary for our trips will be issued in our office. These steps concern only those people who would like to  take use of our help in obtaining a Belarussian visa. You can fulfil all formalities personally in one of the diplomatic posts of the Republic of Belarus in Poland properly earlier (in Warsaw, Gdansk or Bielsk Podlaski).

We offer:

  • one-day coach trips
  • one-day bicycle trips
  • a few day trips, integration trips for companies
  • conferences, training courses

Practical information about the Belarussian part of The Bialowieza Forest:

The Bialowieza Forest National Park is situated in the western part of the Republic of Belarus, in grodzki and brzeski Voivodeships. It occupies 87,36 thousands hectares. The administrative center of the park is in the village of Kamieniuki (kamienicki region), 60 km from Brześć.

20 km from the Bialowieza Forest there is a city of Kamieniec, founded in the 13th century by the Wladzimierz Wolyński prince, over which the defence tower dominates, from which the name of the Bialowieza Forest derives (the White Tower). There are no natural lakes in the Bialowieza Forest area. Among ten artificial lakes the biggest ones were formed in the overflow area of the Perewołoka River (Ladzkie Artificial Lake – 345 hectares and Chmielowskie Artificial Lake- 75 hectares). You can find large numbers of wild waterbird species there. The flora of the Bialowieza Forest consists of 900 species of vascular plants. The Bialowieza Forest is distinguished by the presence of fragments of the virgin forests. These are mainly (more than a half) old tree stands (100 and 200 years old) that evolved and developed in relatively natural conditions. There are also 250-300-year-old fragments of the Białowieża Forest and single trees that are 300-600 years old.

Fauna of the forest has more than 10 thousands species. 
There are 59 mammals species living there, including the the biggest representative of modern European wildlife – bison. In the Bialowieza Forest and its vicinity 227 birds species, 11 amphibians species and 7 reptiles species have been found. There are 24 fish species in the bodies of water.

The Bialowieza Forest is also a rich invertebrate founa (ca. 8500 species).

Since 1939, the forest is under strict protection. The Reserve was reopened in October 1944, but only in the Eastern, Belarussian part. In 1957 the Reserve was transformed into protective-hunting holding. Since 1991 the Bialowieza Forest has been a national park. In 1992 it became a UNESCO World Heritage. In 1993 the park received the status of the Biosphere Reserve. In order to preserve the biodiversity of the Bialowieza Forest the whole area was divided into four zones with different protection system: the protection zone- the zone of untouched nature, the zone of regulating use, the recreation zone and the economic zone.

Around the park the so called protective zone was created. The Bialowieza Forest National Park is a huge natural-science laboratory, attracting scientists from many countries. In the national park area the visitors can see the traces of a primititive man from the Mesolithic Age, burial mounds, the “Wiskuli” Complex, the manor house of  Count Tyszkiewicz, the old White Tower and the monuments of architecture. There is the Museum of Nature where the exhibit items of animals and plants occuring in the park and the open pens with animals are shown. Tourists can take advantage of walking, horse, bicycle and car trails. The accomodation places encompass three hotels, two luxurious houses situated in the picturesque places of the forest; in addition to this we offer sauna and the restaurant where you can taste national dishes including game dishes.

Not so far away from the hotel there is the artistic studio and the studio of dissecting animals, where the oryginal souvenirs especially for Bialowieza Forest guests are prepared.