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Bialowieza Region Forest is not only a primeval forest but it is also an Upper Narew River Valley, artificial lake Siemianowka and the whole network of streams and small rivers flowing out of the Bialowieza Forest.The largest river Narew begins its course in Belarus, then stopped by a dam at a height of a village Bondary, it creates a body of water called Siemianowka with its depth up to 7 metres and surface area up to 3 250 hectares. Then it evolves into a beautiful meandering river, into which its tributary Narewka empties along its way.

Narewka – tributary of Narew - is a picturesque river. It flows entirely through the Bialowieza Forest. Narewka begins its course on the Belarussian marsh “Dziki Nikor” and runs through backwoods forests and two major villages: Białowieza and Narewka. It flows in a meandering way through forests and meadows of the Białowieza Forest. You can navigate the river on the canoe from the bridge in Gruszki and near The Białowieza Forest Clearing.
The artificial lake Siemianowka is a paradise for anglers and ornithologists. There are very good conditions for water sports (sailing, windsurfing) there. You can also find two smaller body waters besides artificial lake in Siemianowka. The first one is situated in Bachmaty near Dubicze Cerkiewne, second one in Repczyce near Kleszczele.

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