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The narrow-gauge train rides and slow train “Białowieski Express” rides accross The Białowieża Forest

We offer a nice way of spending time in the Bialowieża Forest. We invite you to narrow-gauge train rides and slow train rides, during which you discover the history of the town. Maybe you will meet the king of the forest...


The narrow-gauge train ride

During summertime we offer the scheduled narrow-gauge train rides across the Bialowieza Forest from Hajnowka to Topilo wilderness. After visiting Topilo wilderness, we plan return trip by bicycle to Bialowieza through the forest. During the time of the tour we secure the transport of people and bicycles to Hajnowka.
The tour guide service is provided.
The scheduled narrow-gauge train rides in 2011 take place on following days:
From 7th May to 18th June every Saturday at 10 a.m.
From 28th June to 25th September every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 10 a.m.
From 30th April to 3rd May and 24th to 26th June every day at 10 a.m. 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.


Wheeled slow train rides (“Bialowieski Express”)

We offer rides across Bialowieza and its surroundings on two historic as well as natural routes.
This wheeled train has the capacity of 30 people each time (more in case of children). Its starting point is at the parking place near the PTTK registered office. The slow train called “Bialowieski Express” consists of locomotive and one carriage with a roof.

The route number one leads through Bialowieza and two local villages: Podolany II and Podolany I. By passing Gen. Waszkiewicza Street we can see relics and the local architecture. Then we move near The Bialowieski Hotel, which is situated in the picturesque place with a view on the Narewka River Valley. Next the route leads to the historic building of the former freight railway station where The Tsar`s Restaurant is located now. 
After that we visit two villages: Podolany I and Podolany II. From this place we come back to the starting point of the trip. The duration of the tour is one hour and ten minutes.

The route number two is the continuation of the route number one. After visiting Podolany I, we enter the Bialowieza Forest, where we can admire its diversity. We pass the historic buildings of the Forestry Commission Bialowieza, where there is the Forest Educational Center “Jagiellonskie”.  Then we see the workers` settlement Grudki (former name of this village was Grodek). Here there are only two kilometres to the Belarussian border. We come back to the starting point of the trip in Bialowieza. Duration of the tour: up to one and a half hours.


According to those services we also offer:

  • transport from and to the bonfire place
  • other services corresponding to  customers` needs


The list of prices:

Route number one: 145 Euro
Route number two: 165 Euro


Services included: hiring a wheeled slow train, tour guide service in a foreign language